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For questions focusing on therapies to develop personal coping strategies that target solving of current problems and changing unhelpful patterns in cognitions (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes), behaviors, and emotional regulation. If your question involves only one of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behavior, emotion, memory, attention, language, decision-making, or perception, then use the associated specialized tag instead of CBT.

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searching for finding the Cognitive Cycle of psychological defence mechanism for bipolar disorders

I am searching for finding some pattern for bipolar disorder and online tracking the psychological defense mechanisms and its cycles . So I need some chart or flowchart like below (source): Also, I ...
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Is Trauma‐Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy applicable to adults?

Can Trauma‐Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF CBT) be used for adults? I've been told that it is applicable to adults but the literature I've found is all focused on children. Has anyone found ...
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Which area of psychology studies false beliefs?

Imagine a person has some false beliefs, which are also reflected then in his actions: I don't want to interact with people because I don't trust them and 90% of time they will betray me If I form ...
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Convenient CBT Questionnaires

I have recently done CBT and I am finding a lot of value in the ABCD detective method for myself
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Why is labeling a cognitive distortion? How is it different from categorization?

Is there any difference between label and category? We use categories everyday. Psychiatrists use it too. Aren't psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder just labels that are ...
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy's Biosocial Theory - Social Environment Validates Patients' Maladaptive Behavior - As Defined By Who/What?

In Wikipedia's article about DBT, in the overview section it says: In DBT's biosocial theory of BPD, clients have a biological predisposition for emotional dysregulation, and their social environment ...
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Can one claim that a person is having cognitive distortion and be always correct?

What is cognitive distorion? According to Wikipedia, "cognitive distortion are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately". It is a negative outlook on reality, ...
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Balanced Introduction to CBT and the Science Behind It

This is a reference request. I'm looking for a solid introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - i.e. what it is and the science behind it. I'm having trouble finding anything that isn't written by ...
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Why are we generating wrong ideas in the first place?

In CBT they tell you to challenge automatic thoughts. So say someone doesn't say hello to you, then you think he doesn't like me. CBT says to challenge this and maybe you realize that he didn't see ...
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What does it mean to "accept my shortcomings"?

The need to accept one's faults and shortcomings; or accept oneself in whole, with all faults and shortcomings; or self-acceptance is being repeatedly stressed by psychologists. However, I've always ...
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CBT approach and why we generate unrealistic thoughts

On reading about Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) I encounter But, if you feel sad after a friend cancels your lunch plans and you begin to think there’s obviously something seriously wrong ...
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Does CBT indirectly resolve core issues? [duplicate]

(I don't expect that it would do so as successfully as interventions that aim to do so directly, but:) From the outside, it seems CBT ignores the root causes of the issue, some may say building on ...
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What are the main differences between gestalt therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy?

Can someone explain the main differences in an easy to understand way between gestalt therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy? Which is better suitable in which situations? I read some articles ...
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Can a borderline-autistic adult force themselves to improve? [closed]

It is agreed that Autism Spectrum disorders / Aspergers etc cannot be 'cured'; they can be managed with coping strategies, and suppressed with medicines, but not solved at the root level. [Source: "...
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Cognitive Behavior Therapy intensive in home clinical and therapeutic services model [closed]

I am looking for any information that shows the number of hours of CBT per week a child with autism, anxiety, and ADHD should be receiving. Mostly looking for a range. Prefer in NJ but will review ...
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Is CBT-based anger management effective?

I have no doubt that some (aggressive) medication will definitely work in cutting people's anger-outburst potential. But is the usual CBT-based anger management class effective? There's a 2013 BBC ...
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Resources about relaxation training as used in CBT

I’m looking for resources about the relaxation training component of CBT. I had a professor who spent a good deal of time on it in class, but I’m no longer attending that school and he’s notoriously ...
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What criteria decides whether a technique is CBT?

Wikipedia describes Cognitive behavioral therapy by saying CBT focuses on the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems and changing unhelpful patterns in ...
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