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Are Binaural Beats really effective? [duplicate]

Lately, I've become quite interested in the supposed benefits that binaural beats may provide, which are summarized quite well in this article: ...
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Can binaural beats be generated with carrier tones outside the audible frequency range?

I know that binaural beats are a controversial subject, as they might not work for everyone. In my own tests on myself I shuffled multiple recordings of binaural beats, with stereo headphones on, not ...
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Binaural Beats Meditation EEG versus Non-aided mediation EEG

Can anybody point me to a recent scientific publication(s) that show the changes in a person's EEG using binaural beat meditation is similar to the EEG changes observed using traditional non-aided ...
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What is the effect of Binaural Beats on an Autistic brain?

I understand a fare bit about autism, and Binaural Beats. Autism is the result of synaptic pathways becoming malformed during the fetal stage of pregnancy. A Binaural Beat is a collection of two ...
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Two possibilites to increase the effect of binaural beats

I collected references, supporting the hypothesis that binaural beats have an influence in our brain (see here). I currently see two possibilities to possibly increase the (measurable) effect of ...
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Is there scientific evidence on the benefits of binaural beats?

When two coherent sounds with nearly similar frequencies are presented to each ear respectively with stereo headphones, the brain integrates the two signals and produces a sensation of a third sound ...
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