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For questions about perceiving, feeling or otherwise being conscious of observations without necessarily understanding them.

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At what point does a human become self-aware?

What are the conditions for being self-aware? If this answer can not be answered by naming specific traits, behavior unique to a self-aware being, complexity of development or other tangible concepts, ...
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Is continuous split or meta - awareness a scientifically supported concept?

There are a number of spiritual practices that practice self-awareness and continuous awareness of one's thoughts and actions (for example the teachings of Ekhart Tolle): Tolle writes that "the ...
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Is there an upper bound on signals ascending from the sensory nerves through the medulla?

I'm starting to go down a research path related to haptic and embodied cognition. Though I haven't taken a deep dive into neuroanatomy (only a 300 level undergrad cognitive neuroscience course's worth ...
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What mechanism allows us to participate 'in the moment'?

I have been through several texts and many papers and have written my own neuron simulator. I don't understand how a hundred neurons working in the millisecond range could do the work required for ...
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Why is the effectiveness of treatments for abusers and offenders low?

When there is an abuse happening, usually the perspectives of each side are: Police and social worker: How to protect the victim? The abuser: How to get out of trouble? These goals are different, ...
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