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Questions tagged [awareness]

For questions about perceiving, feeling or otherwise being conscious of observations without necessarily understanding them.

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Can a blind-from-birth individual experience vision or visual imagery during a Near-Death Experience (NDE)?

I recently watched a testimony in which a blind-from-birth individual described two NDEs they had had in which they supposedly were able to see with 20/20 vision (inside the NDEs). The person ...
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What mechanism allows us to participate 'in the moment'?

I have been through several texts and many papers and have written my own neuron simulator. I don't understand how a hundred neurons working in the millisecond range could do the work required for ...
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Is there an upper bound on signals ascending from the sensory nerves through the medulla?

I'm starting to go down a research path related to haptic and embodied cognition. Though I haven't taken a deep dive into neuroanatomy (only a 300 level undergrad cognitive neuroscience course's worth ...
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Why is the effectiveness of treatments for abusers and offenders low?

When there is an abuse happening, usually the perspectives of each side are: Police and social worker: How to protect the victim? The abuser: How to get out of trouble? These goals are different, ...
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Is there a term in psychology for when a tool is perceived as an extension of your body?

Is there a specific term that describes the phenomenon where you perceive a tool as an extension of your own body? An example of this would be when a skilled artist or tradesman has so mastered their ...
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Thinking about What Others Think of You

When a mind develops, it goes through numerous stages of awareness, such as (not necessarily in order) Awareness of others Awareness of self Awareness of other's thoughts (this may not be a discrete ...
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At what point does a human become self-aware?

What are the conditions for being self-aware? If this answer can not be answered by naming specific traits, behavior unique to a self-aware being, complexity of development or other tangible concepts, ...
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Can the mind be trained to equanimously observe compulsive urges/cravings (without giving in / acting out)?

Are there any practices or habits that one can employ, either frequently or on a daily basis, to train one's mind to equanimously observe (be aware of) compulsive urges or cravings, without giving in ...
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Could brainwaves be the fenomena gives rise to consciousness [closed]

I have speculated for a long time that brain waves could be the "location" of human consciousness or indeed the "soul". My argument for this is the following: They vary with different states of ...
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How to examine person's awareness of a certain topic?

I am conducting a case study on the topic of refugees and asylum seekers. My particular interest is: How aware is my test subject of the reasons (political persecution, famine, war, ...) why these ...
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Objective test for self-awareness?

Are there any means by which an observed entity (e.g.: an AI) can be tested for self-awareness using/applying/affecting mainly its visual-oral-auditory-senses and observed responses of same? Failing ...
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Is continuous split or meta - awareness a scientifically supported concept?

There are a number of spiritual practices that practice self-awareness and continuous awareness of one's thoughts and actions (for example the teachings of Ekhart Tolle): Tolle writes that "the ...
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How close is it to reality in future of consciousness to be transferable as shown in the movie Chappie?

This question was inspired by the most creative thing ever to come up in a movie, namely the transfer of a consciousness from one body to another (may it be biological, or via non-biological methods). ...
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Are there "awareness" related mirror neurons or processes in the brain that get activated by awareness?

I'm reading the "The Power of Now" book by Ekhart Tolle, in which he describes a spiritual practice by which attention/awareness is focused on the currently experienced mental state. For example, ...
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