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Questions tagged [attraction]

Physical or psychological attraction, causing an individual to emotionally value and seek an object

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"Being of the same mind" as a scientific concept

Folk psychology knows and uses the concept of "being of the same mind" that often is supposed to explain why two people find themselves sympathic or like (or even love) each other. "Being of the same ...
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Separation of romantic and sexual attraction

Occasionally I meet people who say that they are sexually attracted to X group of people (e.g. men) and romantically attracted to Y group of people, X and Y not being the same (Sometimes they overlap, ...
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Is 'averageness' in the study of facial attraction ethnicity specific?

Is 'averageness' in the study of facial attraction ethnicity specific? I just always wondered whether the 'beauty' ideal of "averageness" is human wide, or is the average across some group or groups. ...
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Why are young girls writing love letters to the Parkland shooter?

Nikolas Cruz, now widely known as the shooter responsible for killing 17 students in Parkland, Florida and injuring another 17, is according to both CNN and the Sun Sentinel receiving piles of love ...
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Is there any update on the hypothesis on primary emotions corresponding on "love"?

Fisher (2000) hypothesized that sex drive, attraction and attachment are the three primary emotions correspond to mating, reproduction and parenting behaviors; those are three discrete constellations ...
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Why are we attracted to screens? [closed]

I'm doing a study about large led billboards and I wanted to understand why we are so attracted to screens and movement in general.
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Experiment where groups of dogs were treated differently to find difference in affection

I cannot remember where I read this, possibly Eliezer Yudkowsky's HPMOR. I'm looking to read the actual experiment and its results. The experiment supposedly got 3 groups of dogs. One they ...
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Does homosexuality correlate with narcissism or finding yourself attractive?

I'm a heterosexual male. Male bodies do not appeal to me much. I find my own (average) body mediocre. At the same time I find average female bodies rather interesting and attractive. The same goes for ...
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Freud's theory regarding child to parent attraction

This may be a thought from false information but even from some teachers I've heard quotes of how Sigmund Freud had a theory about how children are attracted to ...
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Are there colors women find attractive on men? [closed]

I have heard that men find women dressed in red more attractive (I can confirm this from personal experience as well). What color or colors do women prefer on men, if any?
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