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The effects of alcohol consumption on brain chemistry, cognition, emotions and behaviour. The excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol dependence, alcoholism.

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Risk of mental disability from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome without a postpartum diagnosis

My wife and I are considering adoption of a child whose mother binged alcohol during pregnancy. Part of this very complex and emotional decision for us is understanding the risks that the child will ...
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Is fasting an effective method to overcome substance addictions?

I recently watched a testimony of a man who reports the results of a 40-day water/juice fast (no food). The individual claims to have been addicted to drugs for 22 years, including marijuana, cocaine, ...
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Can the neurological damage done by alcohol be reversed?

I read online that heavy alcohol consumption can lead to neurological damage, specifically in areas that affect your cognitive performance and memory but what I couldn’t find is if the damage can be ...
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Post alcoholic depression and mental health

We all might have experienced a post-alcoholic hangover after heavy drinking. I think this includes a depressive state, which doesn't last long and wears off once we take rest. My question is whether ...
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Can tapering reduce the risk of sedative kindling and brain damage?

So we know that repeated withdrawal from GABAeric substances like alcohol and benzodiazepines will cause kindling and worsen future withdrawal symptoms. Also, it appears that withdrawal from alcohol ...
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How does alcohol increase firing rate in Golgi cells?

I understood that ethanol increases Golgi cell firing by inhibiting the Na+/K+ ATPase channels, which makes granule cells receive more GABAergic input from the GABA that Golgi cells relase. Some ...
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Short term effects of alcohol on IQ

I am looking for some references on the short term effects of alcohol on "IQ". I am particularly interested in what aspects of "intelligence" is affected (e.g., cognition/reasoning/memory). ...
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Alcoholic behavior at a bar without having any alcohol? [closed]

I am a recovering alcoholic sober 11 month. I do not crave alcohol, or need it anymore. I have adapted skills that I am no longer depressed. but enjoying life, happy, with good social ...
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How exactly does alcohol consumption damage dendrites?

How exactly does alcohol consumption damage dendrites? I'm not talking about over a long period of usage, but just one instance.
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How much alcohol is negative for brain function?

How much alcohol can you consume before it starts to kill a single neuron or interfere with proper brain functioning? Does it happen: If you take just a few drops of alcohol? If you drink a rum and ...
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Does long-term alcohol use permanently change one's thought processes?

Is long-term alcohol use really capable of permanently changing one's thought processes? In what ways is this possible, and through what physical changes in the brain does this occur?
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Is the condition Pathological Intoxication recognised as real?

The plot of the movie Final Analysis revolves around a murder committed by a person diagnosed with Pathological Intoxication. The following study confirms the: probable existence of a discrete ...
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What are the effects of alcohol on muscle memory?

Muscle memory (also referred to as "motor memories") is a form of procedural memory, which is a form of implicit memory. I'm particularly interested in trained tasks like throwing a dart, shooting a ...
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Does intelligence cause greater alcohol consumption?

I just stumbled on a blog post that asserts that more intelligent people drink more than less intelligent people. The author writes: Controlling for a large number of demographic variables, such ...
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