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Questions tagged [aging]

For questions about changes with time in cognition, perception, and emotion in adults.

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Bilingualism and cognitive decline (or dementia risk)

There's apparently a fairly contested research area of bilingualism being neuroprotective against cognitive decline in old age, such as dementia. What are the main points for and against this ...
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Age cues for humans

We can quickly estimate the age of a person just by the look on the face. Even a computer can do that (random link). How does this work? Proportions? Creases? Spots? (Note that any theory should ...
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How to prepare when entering the field of Psychology from a professional UX background?

I come from a Computer Science and professional User Experience (UX) Design background and I'll soon be starting an MSc conversion course in Psychology. My interest is to understand human behaviour ...
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What can cause us to stop to enjoy music?

I have a growing impression, that people tend to enjoy music less as they grow older, as I look at other people, who used to love to listen to music, now listen to it much less or stops to listen at ...
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How can I properly match subjects in my sample based on behavioral performance?

I have brain and behavioral data for which I am comparing two groups- younger and older adults. I would like to select a subset from the younger and older group that are matched for behavioral ...
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Cortisol in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: is there a consensus?

I've seen some recent papers that find elevated cortisol in GAD patients, particularly in older ones, and that SSRI medication lowers cortisol in such GAD patients. However I also found an older study ...
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Does the music you listen to when you're young condemn you to only like similar music for the rest of your life?

Trying to change my own music preferences, because I've changed as a person and now only feel disgust with all the music I've liked in the past (not relevant here), I've been looking into research on ...
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Is there any formal documentation and explanation of why people tend to lose curiosity as they age?

Anecdotally, there seems to be overwhelming evidence that people become less curious as they age. Is there formal, systematic evidence for this? Further, are there any theories/mechanisms that explain ...
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