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For questions on the value placed on certain sensory stimuli, usually those of art, beauty, and taste.

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What does scientific research say about the relationship between penis size and attractiveness?

Pop-culture often equates a larger penis with a more attractive penis. Is there any scientific research examining the relationship between penis size and attractiveness ratings? What are the reasons ...
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Is Golden Ratio's association with perceived beauty a myth?

Many people advocate using the Golden Ratio in design (e.g. logo design). Is the Golden Ratio's purported aesthetic appeal supported by scientific evidence?
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Aesthetic preference for even or odd numbers

In my experience most people prefer the appearance of even numbers or numbers divisible by 5. Is there any research which proves or disproves my theory? Is it all about symmetry? I expect that ...
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Are Satoshi Kanazawa's findings about racial differences in attractiveness valid?

This post discusses a study published in a blog post by an evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. The study suggested that black women were rated less attractive than women of other races. There ...
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Psychology behind repeated viewing of certain pictures and songs

Often it happens that we like to frequently listen to a particular tune or song or view some pictures or images repeatedly time after time. What are the reasons and psychology behind this?
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