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Questions tagged [adaptation]

Adaptation generally refers to processes involved in coping with external environmental changes. It is a broad term including evolutionary (e.g., Darwinian) evolution on a time scale of millions of years, down to neuronal adaptation that occurs in the millisecond range. Within the confines of the Cognitive Sciences SE site it deals with neuronal adaptation (cellular level) to cognitive coping strategies (psychological level).


Are neural adaptation and drug tolerance to psychoactive drugs related?

Neural adaptation is "...a change over time in the responsiveness of the sensory system to a constant stimulus". The example given is placing your hand on the surface of a table. Eventually, you no ...

How does a person who wears prism glasses through which the the world is perceived upside-down experience the transition back to normal?

If someone wears prism glasses that turn the visual field upside down, this person will eventually adapt and see the world in its normal orientation again. Now my question is, how does the person ...