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How much additional sleep is required to recover from a given number of hours of sleep deprivation? [duplicate]

A previous question dealt with whether it is possible to catch up on lost sleep. This question is a little different. Assume that a healthy adult has been deprived of sleep for "x" hours. How much ...
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How to compare cumulative sleep debts? [duplicate]

Let's say that after a period of sleeping perfectly, I sleep for the following amount of hours on some consecutive days. (Let's say the optimal hours I sleep is 8 hours. For the sake of simplicity, ...
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Sleep deprivation effect on brain [duplicate]

I have a doubt reg. sleep deprivation. I did not sleep for past 24 hours(Because I did not feel sleepy),but slept the next day for full 8 hours. I do not feel the difference So my questions are, ...
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If you sleep during the day, do you need less sleep at night?

If, say, you sleep 2-3 hours during the day (in the afternoon) - Do you need less sleep at night? After all, subjects feel less tired in the evening after sleeping during day. Can sleep hours be ...
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Do you need sleep every night?

I haven't slept for a day, but feel fine. It is sometimes assumed that one needs 8 hours of sleep each night, but I think this is sometimes not true. Is it okay to get no sleep one night and then 8-...
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How much sleep is required to restore maximum cognitive functioning? [closed]

Background: Recently I have really messed up my sleep schedule due to my procrastination. The internet points to some very basic conclusions but I would like to see actual experiments on effects of ...
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Does night-sleep-deprivation have any effect on cognitive performance?

Sleeping during the day might lead e.g. to vitamin D deficiency. But I am interested in what effects might night-sleep-deprivation have on cognitive faculties. Does sleeping during the day and ...
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What is the effect of Daylight Saving Time on attentiveness and productivity?

This weekend the clocks were set an our later (in some countries), such that the daylight lasts an hour longer in the evening. This has several reasons, among which a reduction in energy consumption ...
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Can adults adapt to less sleep?

I am asking whether adults, especially in circumstances like a monastery or Zen center, can become able long-term to sleep only about 4 to 5 hours a night? So, that would mean: no children to care for,...
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Adaptation to Discrete Perturbation in Sleep?

Generally, are there and how long do lingering affects of polar sleep patterns affect someone? For example, assume someone slept for 2 hours one day and then slept for 14 hours the next. Their 2 day ...
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Are there any long term cognitive impairments from prolonged period reduced sleep? [closed]

What are the consequences of chronic lack of sleep? For example, insomniacs are known to sleep less than normal sleeping individuals. I am wondering if there are any long term cognitive impairments ...
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