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Which schools of psychotherapy are most credible to a hard scientist?

There is a problem in all therapies that if the client doesn't have faith or trust in the therapist then it is unlikely that anything can be achieved. Therefore effective therapy for an extreme ...
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Is there anything in Freudian psychoanalytic theory that is scientifically sound?

I guess this question is quite context dependent, and here in Sweden there is a general movement for more evidence-based psychology. I think one of our biggest medical universities recently abandoned ...
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Is psychology a science?

I've read some books from behavioral economy to emotional intelligence, and it kind of makes sense, but when it comes to psychology it feels to me a bit like astrology, where there are some things ...
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Why did Karl Popper criticize Freud's theories?

Why didn't Karl Popper accept Freud's psychological theories and believed that they are not scientific in essence?
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What are the different branches of Psychoanalysis?

I am trying to make a list of the main accepted branches of psychoanalysis to quiz a friend of mine. I don't know much about it and to learn more I need to know the main areas. So far I have ...
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Does suppressing a desire make it more powerful?

Based on my minimal knowledge of old Freudian Psychoanalysis, if our drives and urges are not met they become more powerful, even overwhelming, for the individual, perhaps causing them psychological ...
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What did Freud intend as the referent of 'Das Es' (Latin: 'id')? Why didn't he name with the referent?

Wikipedia states: The terms "id", "ego", and "super-ego" are not Freud's own. They are latinisations by his translator James Strachey. Freud himself wrote of "das Es",[5] "das Ich",[19] and "das ...
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How can we determine if a traumatic event in our youngest days can influence our present behaviour?

Suppose that a little kid found him/herself in a traumatic situation at an age of which he or she has no conscious memories (let's say between 1 and 3 years old). For example, the kid was put in a ...
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Studying Freud and “The Uncanny” [closed]

I meant to ask, do I need to study any of Freud’s other works before reading “The Uncanny”? And, reading Freud (his whole body of work) have any prerequisites?
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Informative texts on psychoanalysis?

I'm not looking for anything all-inclusive, as I am aware that such a list would be impossible. Perhaps some introductory books on psychoanalysis (such as works by Freud) would be good, as well as any ...
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