I have the tendency to get obsessively interested in a subject for 2 weeks, get bored, and then move on to something else. For instance I have just started learning about chess and find myself extremely interested in it at the moment but know it will most likely pass soon. In the last year I have looked at window farms, cooking, entrepreneurship (I started a muse business), tea, classic books (such as huckleberry Finn and Waldon), graphic novels... you get the idea!

The point is that most the time I do not find myself repeating the same topics again or express much interest towards them. It might be more that I enjoy learning the topics but not going in depth.

I was wondering, is there a name for this tendency? Is this a trait found more often in men than women? I don't really find it a problem, if anything it is beneficial because it pushes me to learn new things. But nonetheless I am curious if there is a name for this behaviour.


That's great that you have this ability -- it's your "special power".

I don't believe there is a special term for "intense preoccupations with narrow subjects", but such behavior is a common, but not necessary, feature of Asperger Syndrome or AD.

AD does occur more often in men than women. According to this paper, prevalence in men is between 2-4X greater than in women.

  • $\begingroup$ If you say I have a special power then I won't disagree! :) $\endgroup$ – eniacAvenger Sep 27 '14 at 23:21

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