I'm interested in reading on the influence of exogenous attention on cortical representations in early visual areas, but so far my google-fu seems to be failing me.

There seems to be some literature involving endogenous attention (Kamitani & Tong 2006, for instance), but nothing involving cueing, for instance.

Does anybody know of any papers demonstrating either of the following?

  1. fMRI decoding of the effects of attentional cueing on V1?
  2. fMRI decoding of (cued) attentional effects on V1 activity using at-threshold stimuli?

Thanks very much in advance!

Edit: Okay, so I found two that hit the topic center-mass:

  • Kok et al., 2011 Less Is More: Expectation Sharpens Representations in the Primary Visual Cortex
  • Kok et al., 2012 Attention Reverses the Effect of Prediction in Silencing Sensory Signals

Anything else?


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Ha, I was going to mention the Kok Neuron paper :) The Cerebral Cortex one does not use decoding however.

This one may also be of interest to you: Vetter, P., Smith, F. W., & Muckli, L. (2014). Decoding Sound and Imagery Content in Early Visual Cortex. Current Biology, 24(11), 1256-1262.

Lars Muckli is in general someone who might have more of the same.

I also know this lab does decoding and attention and V1, so maybe some of those publications will capture all three.

I'll edit later if I think of something else.


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