I recently read a fascinating article about the pattern of young women receiving ADHD diagnoses after first displaying symptoms in their late teens or early twenties, typically corresponding to college and post-college years. While very interesting, it was written from an informal, personal perspective. I'd like to know more about the subject from a research perspective.

Has there been much research regarding gender differences in ADHD, specifically about different presentation and age of onset? Within this subject, has there been any research into the effects of estradiol levels on ADHD-like symptoms? I know that consensus is not very common in the research community, especially with a diagnosis as controvertial as ADHD, but I would still like to know whether late-onset in young women is at all commonly accepted.

  • $\begingroup$ Underdiagnosed in females? $\endgroup$ – Jack Bauer Oct 5 '15 at 18:30

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