Are there any lie or social desirable questions in the IPIP pool of 2600 question?

Can I construct psychometrically such a scale if it does not exists by default?


There are IPIP self-deception and impression management scales presumably modelled on the similarly named Paulhus scales (reliabilities in brackets):

SOURCE: http://ipip.ori.org/newPASKey.htm#Self-Deception


+ keyed 
    Always know why I do things.
    Just know that I will be a success.
    Know that my decisions are correct.
    Feel comfortable with myself.
    Like to take responsibility for making decisions.

– keyed 
    Am not always honest with myself.
    Sometimes have trouble making up my mind.
    Dislike myself.
    Worry about what people think of me.
    Have a low opinion of myself.


+ keyed 
    Would never take things that aren't mine.
    Would never cheat on my taxes.
    Believe there is never an excuse for lying.
    Always admit it when I make a mistake.
    Rarely talk about sex.
    Return extra change when a cashier makes a mistake.
    Try to follow the rules.
    Easily resist temptations.
    Tell the truth.
    Rarely overindulge.

– keyed 
    Have sometimes had to tell a lie.
    Use swear words.
    Use flattery to get ahead.
    Am not always what I appear to be.
    Break rules.
    Cheat to get ahead.
    Don't always practice what I preach.
    Misuse power.
    Get back at others.
    Am likely to show off if I get the chance.
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