I'm interested in behavior change and looking to apply its principals in order to design programs and services in healthcare. I'm most familiar with BJ Fogg's B=MAT model and his principles. But I'd love to get suggestions that let me go deeper into this topic and how it can tie into applied work.

What are good review articles on behavioural change psychology?


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Elder et al (1999) provides a review of behavioural change theories in the context of health behavior change in primary care. They mention several, for example:

Models and theories such as the Health Belief Model, Cognitive/Information Processing, the Theory of Reasoned Action, Social Cognitive (Learning) Theory,Social Support Theories, Behavior Modification, and Kanfer’s Parallel Self-Management Model guide much of current health-promotion reFsearch and practice. The Transtheoretical or “Stages of Change” Model presents a cognitive-behavioral change process not grounded in a speciic health behavior theory.

Green (1984) provides a very general review of health behavior modification.

Stokols (1992) presents a theory around healthy environments.


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  • Stokols, D. (1992). Establishing and maintaining healthy environments: toward a social ecology of health promotion. American Psychologist, 47(1), 6. PDF

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