I wanted to know experimental cases and studies where there are activities which make possible the Flow state, and how is it related to Happiness and Wellbeing.

Quoting the 2021 study "The neuroscience of positive emotions and affect: Implications for cultivating happiness and wellbeing" by Alexander et al. (see it at Science Direct or at Elsevier's websites):

Short of living in Bhutan, actively engaging in behaviors that are associated with happiness and wellbeing may need to be actively practiced in contemporary society across the lifespan. As reviewed in section 8.1., mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditation have been linked with positive emotion outcomes and wellbeing, but additional research is needed to understand how “dosage,” and specific components of contemplative practices modulate positive emotions and associated neurophysiological correlates. Similarly, the positive psychology literature has developed a number of evidence-based strategies designed to increase and enhance positive emotions (Quoidbach et al., 2015), yet very little is known about how human neurophysiology might change in response to these strategies, and this remains an area for future research (Silton et al., 2020). Given that increased happiness is frequently observed in late life, future research may benefit from harnessing some of the strategies that are naturally employed by older individuals to enhance the experience of positive emotions (see section 5.2).

In addition section 8.2 explains:

Achieving a flow state is a multifaceted process involving multiple neural systems and physiological processes implicated in reward and positive emotions, happiness, and life satisfaction. Given that flow states often occur during an activity, future research investigating flow may consider implementation of a mobile EEG and other wearable sensors to characterize the neurophysiological correlates of flow as they occur in the moment.

However, what activities really make people enter a Flow state?

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