I am a physicist and I am doing a survey about musical genre preferences and correlation with a field of study.

I want to interpret the results from this test

10-BFI test

I don't know how to interpret the legend, and whether there are some particular details to be taken into account:

10-BFI Score

Thank you to all.



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On this website the scoring of the Big 5 is explained a bit better I think. They refer to the original Big 5 paper that you've linked.

From what I understand there are 10 questions, and each of the 5 character traits is represented by 2 questions. One question is counted as is, while the other question in the pair is reversed-scored to describe the character trait. The reverse scoring of one of the answer pairs is necessary because that question is asked in an opposite approach.

There are 5 traits (the Big 5):

Extraversion: 1R, 6
Agreeableness: 2, 7R
Conscientiousness: 3R, 8
Neuroticism: 4R, 9
Openness to experience: 5R; 10

So extraversion is scored using the reverse score of question 1 and the score of question 6. Note that the question 6 (asking to rate 'extravertness') is opposite to question 1 ('introvertness').

Likewise, agreeableness is scored using the score of question 2 and the reverse score of question 7. etctera.

Hope this helps.


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