I used to think that this was a recent, modern "trend", but recently I watched a TV series from 1962 where this otherwise beautiful actress also has one of those eyesore "beauty spots" on her face:


I wonder why they would keep such a thing when they can relatively easily be removed permanently using cheap wart liquid which doesn't require a prescription from a doctor. I have done it myself. No surgery or appointments with any kind of doctor needed. It just stings a little for like a month or two as you slowly make it go away by putting on the liquid on the mold. This is hardly some new invention; such a product must have been available for a very long time.

I'm male and very unaware of makeup/fashion/beauty products, yet I discovered this. Surely pretty girls who are experts at looking beautiful must know about or hear about this at some point? Do they deliberately keep the molds for some reason? I don't understand the psychology behind this decision, if it is a decision.

Am I strange for being so annoyed by those "beauty spots"? I find it even more jarring when such a beautiful female, with makeup and everything, have one in her face. My eyes are immediately drawn to it. I realize that it's not something that you want to point out to others, but surely they must be aware of and bothered by it?