In a paper of (Murase, 2019) use both terms "group polarization" and "social segregation".

The "group polarization" is explained here, and the author also documents about the "social segregation" as

The relationship between homophily and segregation has been recognized long ago.(...)In another approach to social segregation, opinion dynamics is used so that similar people can influence each other

I am wondering whether these two terms "group polarization" and "social segregation" are the same?


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Social segregation and group polarization are different concepts.

Social segregation, (i.e. racial segregation, residential segregation, sex segregation) is defined as "the separation or isolation of people or other entities so that there is a minimum of interaction between them"

Group polarization refers to when an individual's attitude or opinion changes after the influence of a group, to be more extreme (or polarized) than prior to being exposed to the group (Sieber & Ziegler, 2019).


Sieber, J., & Ziegler, R. (2019). Group Polarization Revisited: A Processing Effort Account. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45(10), 1482–1498. https://doi.org/10.1177/0146167219833389

APA Dictionary of Psychology: https://dictionary.apa.org/segregation


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