If I make one swift movement with my arm, like just raising it, is my brain continuously sending signals throughout the whole movement? Or does it just send signals one time? The latter seems to make more sense to me. Like if I send someone a text message, I only click "send" once. But I'm just not sure how it works with the nervous system. Why would the brain need to continuously send signals?

What about if it's a move that consists of multiple movements, such as waving my hand? Like I'm sure my brain must be sending signals each time my hand moves left and right. I don't think it could be like my brain tells my hand to make 5 waves, even if that's my intention.

What about when I stop a movement? Does my brain tell the muscle to stop a movement? Or does it just stop sending the signals to move?

It seems like the signals are based on intention. For instance, if I am running and I get tired, I have the intention to slow down or eventually stop, so my brain sends my muscles signals to act accordingly. But there's been times where I went running and I had something else on my mind. If this thing on my mind becomes stronger, I start losing attention on the running and thus, slow down. But did my brain really send signals to my muscles to slow down, or did it just stop sending the signals to run?


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