Once i found some profesional questions, that i tried just for talking with friends. I found them in research paper when looking, googling maybe for ADHD but i think i was googling PTSD coping psychology cognitive experimental speech therapy psychodynamic neuroplasticity framework model and i think maybe keyword clinical or schema or some of these keywords I found some research paper with very good technique of 4 questions following one by one around in circular order and I think they were Open-Ended Questions. Has anyone idea, cause I lost that link and that is the best conversation continuation technique. It was 4 question quadrant with arrows ponting from one to next. That i remember, that it was 4. In research paper link was descriptions, different sections in website and picture of questions also. Maybe something like this website that i just found talking about some other 4 question method https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4640482/

Maybe some examples if i try to remember were:

What is important in enter previous answer?

How do you think about enter previous answer?

What to do if its enter previous answer?

Does .....? Where could be solution ...? How to make it good ...? What if you, who else could, try to enter previous answer?

Actions, context, satisfaction, desire, problem solving i think are topics included in them. Affective, Behavioural, Cognitive, Contextual, Relational.

I really dont remember but i think something like this was. Or i was entering in theese questions answers from previous questions.


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