I am reading articles about IIT (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_information_theory) and many accompanying articles, but they talk essentially nothing about the 1) concrete mechanisms; 2) specialization of mechanisms, emerge of specialization and some necessary types of mechanisms.

Let me explain what I mean by "concrete mechanisms" and "specialization". Less formalized approaches to the consciousness (e.g. the ones that are implemented in congitive architecutres like SOAR, ACT-R or Clarion or another point of view https://science.sciencemag.org/content/358/6362/486) more or less explicitly list the essential components of consciousness and those components include: 1) data structure of goal hierarchy and reasoning mechanisms (some special logic, e.g. dynamic logic) about goal hierarchy: identification of goals, subgoals and selection of the current goal and subgoal, possible planning; 2) data structure of knowledge base and the reasoning mechanism over it and most importantly - modal logic of knowledge (epistemic logic) that also deals with the self-knowledge (essential component); 3) focusing mechanism - some kind of interaction that enables flocking behavior (in the sense of emergent behavior in the complex systems) of all components toward one macro-level behavior (motion, inference, gazing, etc.).

So - this list of components allows us to deduce some examples of concrete mechanisms: mainly - the ones that deal with the data processing and logical (or neuro-symbolic) inference.

My overarching question is - does IIT consider examples/catalogs/ontologies of possible mechanisms, does IIT consider the emergence and specialization of mechanisms, does IIT consider that some of the mechanisms are absolutely necessary to attain some level of consicousness?

I know that IIT mostly just quantifies the existing system. But I would like it to use for guiding the creation of new systems and that is why the creation of new systems could be considered as optimization problem which tries to attain maximum IIT. And this optimization process can prove that maximum can be attained only when the specialization happend, only when the necessary mechanisms emerges and develops. This optimization can also guide to the more or less exact specification of even implementation of mentioned concrete components/mechanisms.

Is there any research work on IIT along this direction of reasoning and thinking?

Here is example of the general (not consciousness related) article about emergence of specialization from the optimization https://arxiv.org/ftp/nlin/papers/0407/0407005.pdf


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