Can anyone give studies that, if they exist, prove that sexual deprivation leads to sexual deviancy in later stages of life?

  • $\begingroup$ I mean becoming interested in more obscure types of sexual activity (pedophilia, zoophilia, violence, etc.) $\endgroup$ Jul 29 at 22:08

Personality Theories Seidman and colleagues(1994) examined loneliness/intimacy problems regarding sexual offenders which suggested lack of social skills created intimacy problems

Bowlby (1988) which suggested people may take part in forms of sexual abuse as a result of loneliness/isolation which sexual deprivation is a by-product of

Cognitive Theories (Scott & Lyman, 1968; Scully, 1990; Sykes & Matza, 1957)

Note: personality theory(Sigmund Freud) tend to lack empirical evidence as pointed out by (Stinson, Sales & Becker, 2008)

further reading/source:https://smart.ojp.gov/somapi/chapter-2-etiology-adult-sexual-offending

"Hope this helps"

  • $\begingroup$ Do you have studies that particularly deal with voluntary celibacy and abstinence too? $\endgroup$ Jul 29 at 22:24
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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Psychology.SE. Can you please provide full reference information for Personality Theories Seidman and colleagues (1994), Bowlby (1988), Cognitive Theories (Scott & Lyman, 1968; Scully, 1990; Sykes & Matza, 1957), personality theory (Sigmund Freud) and Stinson, Sales & Becker, (2008)? Non of these return anything relevant when searching Google Scholar $\endgroup$ Jul 30 at 4:56
  • $\begingroup$ As for "sexual offender treatment programs" mentioned in your link, they are totally ineffective. (See psychology.stackexchange.com/q/19112/7604) $\endgroup$ Jul 30 at 5:05

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