we are trying to measure the Smell and Music rhythms and types on the costumers arousal-nonarousal dimension and willingness for staying on the shopping environment or buying for market (alert, excited, stimulated or active of founded features). for this purpose i have asked here this question before ( for Smell effect on ...).

Now if possible i want to ask about, the proper method to gather the effect of music for this purpose. Especially we are trying to find the easy and low cost method for finding important signal and features for this problem like EEG futures ( lids numbers, wave frequency and ...) or heart bit-rate or ..., for Giving them to one deep learning on machine learning and neural network to train it to detect the new music rhythms and types effect on the costumers willingness for buying more or staying on the shopping environment (time spending in shopping).

So, I have take a look on the google scholar (link) and found some papers with the effect of musics on the pain reduction (like this), But I asked here to find better tags and having some comment on this work.



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