I've recently read this study An investigation of mental imagery in bipolar disorder: Exploring “the mind's eye” .

One interesting thing in it is that "the BD group performed worse on the verbal fluency test". This goes directly in opposition to the general belief of BD being related to good verbal skills. This is something I considered fact as BP seems to be fairly common in professional writers. I can't find the source but I remember I once read that about 20% of writers had BP. It seems like an exaggeration and something quite impossible to measure, but my point is that the myth is strong and sometimes even includes statistics.

I am under the impression that these verbal skills might come from a more visual approach in a BP mind. What we can tell for certain from this study and others is that a strong tendency towards mental imagery seems to have some relation to emotion. "Overall, our study indicates that mental imagery characteristics representing features of greater emotionality and intensity (e.g., greater intrusive imagery impact, vividness of negative images, and sense of realness of images) may represent a marker for general emotional psychopathology and general functioning".

I am particularly interested in the way the whole cognition can be affected by this. Some people claim to be very visual, while others don't. I am thinking of, not only memory but also on-the-go conceptualization.

What I wonder is how this relates to aphantasia. I believe they have it easier to overcome emotional distress. My question is pretty straight forward, though. Is it possible to have both BD and aphantasia? It would also be interesting to know how aphantasia relates to other disorders or even common phenomena such as anxiety.

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    $\begingroup$ I have a diagnosis of Type 1 Bipolar Disorder and also have severe congenital Aphantasia (self diagnosis). In my case at least, the answer to your question is yes. I am trying to find out if the two impact each other, or are related in some way. $\endgroup$ Jun 21 at 10:00

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