This questionnaire should be for assessing frustration tolerance, author should be " an Americam psychologist R. Beech".

My 13 y/o daughter´s civics teacher gave to all pupils in her class this questionnaire to fill and send it back to him. I could not find anything about this test on the internet.

It is a 53 points questionnaire with Y/N answers. I am not a psychologist (I am MD, PhD.) but I am profoundly convinced that this questionnaire is highly inappropriate for young teenagers (nearly still kids) - for example

  • question No.17 (My sexual needs are overall fulfilled –Y/N),
  • No.21 (I have serious financial issues Y/N), No.26 (I have serious problems in intimate relationship Y/N),
  • No.35 ( I or my family members have been experiencing issues due to health problems Y/N),
  • No.47(Someone close to me has died recently Y/N). And some questions about job/work.

Not only because some guestions are really intimate and personal, but because the questionnaire is not filled anonymously (kids are supposed to send it to the teacher via email), I am confident that

  1. the questionnaire itself is not designed for children and
  2. the form of non-anonymous collecting of data is unethical and breaches GDPR.

Can someone please tell me about this R. Beech's questionnaire? What age group was it developed for? (really for children?). Is evaluation meant to be performed anonymously in this case (as data from cohorts of people)?

I can imagine I fill this questionnaire for myself or in a case of a patient and her/his psychotherapist /psychiatrist interaction. Thanks a lot.

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Psychology.SE. Any possible GDPR issues are not strictly on topic here and would need to be directed at Law.SE rather than here. I will do my best to look into this questionnaire. However, is it known what context there is in this questionnaire being put out to all pupils? Is it linked to something being taught? Nevertheless, if you are concerned about the collection of such data by your daughter's teacher you should discuss that with the teacher and maybe the Head of the school. $\endgroup$ Apr 13 '21 at 7:10

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