As far as I understand it, we find something engaging/interesting intrinsically(like arts, sport etc) because it is just a result of our genes/environment at a young age which are out of one's control.

The second type of interest is when the activity is instrumental in attaining our other very desirable goal, for example some people will be motivated and engaged in learning engineering just to build their dream car even when they otherwise dislike engineering.

What about some activity/topic a person finds boring, tedious, useless and not instrumental in any other desire/goal. Can one develop 'natural', genuine interest in it?

I specifically contrast this with discovering interest in something. I think its quite common to discover interest in something you once thought you hated.

Is there even a distinction between developing and discovering interest in something?

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding/missing something. :)

P.S. As I understand it, interest is an important predictor of academic and career success so it would be nice if people could choose to become interested in coding for example, when they are otherwise a creative writing person, it would make their careers and lifes easier.


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