I learned in class recently that neuroreceptors can cause different chemical changes in the brain and nervous system. I was told that stimulants increase heart rate and awareness, which got me thinking how different strengths of stimulants might interact with each other. I have been taking medicine for a while now, (methylphenidate), and I have noticed that whenever I drink coffee while the medicine is still in effect, I feel more tired.

So now the question: Since the medicine I take is a stronger stimulant than the caffeine from the coffee, could the caffeine neuroreceptors be taking the place of my medicine (the stronger stimulant) and be making me more tired than I would be if I did not drink coffee, or could it be because of some other reason?

I just want to end this by saying that the knowledge I have of neurochemistry is baseline and I am in no way an expert, so I apologize if this question seems silly to someone who is more informed on this subject.


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