For example, if I look at my picture of me and my friend, then it will evokes my memory about that event. What I recall is most likely what I did and felt in that event, not what my friend did and felt. This is not to say that I can't memorize what they did and felt; it just that I have to make an extra step to do that. And if there is no one to ask me what they did and felt, then in order to do that I need to remind myself that my memory of the event is not the event itself, nor my friend's memory about that event.

At first I thought the term is "selective memory", but Wikipedia says that what selective memory may refers to is confirmation bias, or Lacunar amnesia (the loss of memory about one specific event), which isn't what I'm looking for. It's also not naïve realism or egocentrism, although they are certainly closed. Do you have any suggestions?


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