Would a brain with in a state where lower frequency brain waves are more prevalent, be better at math, writing, music, logical problems and other forms of abstract thought? Or would that same brain do better if it were in state where higher frequency brain waves were more prevalent? Or, is it answer much more complex than: "lower frequency = higher ability for abstractions"?

What I've learned is that if one's brain activity is generally operating more in the lower frequencies, then one is more internally active than if the brain activity leaned more towards higher frequencies. This makes sense in relation to how delta brain waves are the dominant brain waves under sleep, and this could explain dreaming (internal stimuli almost completely drowning out all external stimuli). With theta waves, the internal world is still more prevalent, but the external world is more in the picture. I believe that perhaps this brain wave intermediary is where sleep paralysis happens. I've also read that alpha brain waves become more prevalent when one is in deep thought, and even has an increase when one closes one's eyes. I'm not sure to what degree my understanding of this is inaccurate, but it is this understanding that lead me to the question at hand.


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