The question is in context of projects you've setup as your career goals. In such projects,

  • There is no one pushing you stay on track.
  • There is no system around you to help you flow with the flow.
  • But people you love depend on you and your success.

In these situations, when the deadlines are closing on you, should you take motivation from fear of failing or the joy of winning.

  1. The question is for the former case, "Fear of Failing", does it even help with motivation or just induces despair and makes you think more about the alternatives to the path you've taken and have come quite far.
  2. And for the latter case, drawing motivation from "Joy of Winning" just ends up with dreamy and fantasy like foggy illusions in your head that you believe would come true.

Or it's just that if you depend on motivation, you're bound to failure. So, you should try to set some systems around you.

If this is not the right place for this question, I humbly request you to guide me in the right direction.

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