When still in primary school (I was about seven years) I had the strange habit (as did a girl who was, I guess, imitating me) of climbing a metal support pole. When I arrived at the top of the pole, I arrived too (I had that nice feeling, but without something coming out of my little weenie). When I did this it was always after the buzzer told the pupils (and thus me) that the break was over and we all had to go inside. This made it more exciting.

Some years ago I was trying to construct a Franklin square (16x16) as magical as possible. When sitting on the train, I was close to a partial solution and the train was nearly arriving at my destination. I got nervous and couldn't stop the same feeling I had when I was a child while climbing the pole. This time though...well you know what I mean.

Is there a relation between these events, or are they both isolated?


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