Ater getting my bachelors degree in communications and working for a few years i discovered Psychology as kind of my hobby and read alot of books and visited some courses. Now I want to get things a little bit more professional and get a Masters degree in the field. Now I need some opinions, expierences and recommendations.

-> Have you done a Psy. distance learning degree an can recommend it? ( or know of good/ affordable degrees?)

-> Do you think a Conversion Master can work in a field like Psychology?

-> Are their kinds of Psychology Masters I should be aware of?

-> Do you know any good ressources I can draw Information from? (Of course I googled the topic already, but information is suprisingly limited and rather shallow)

Just as a side note, Iam from Europe and the search is basically worldwide, so not limited to distance learning within the US (seems to be a common perception...)

Thanks in advance, I hope you can help me take a step forward in this way :)


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