I am working on usage of machine learning algorithm like tree decision learning for modeling human brain function in Schizophrenia to predict brain part dysfunctions which i guess could be testable by brain parts activity percentage on FMRI Photos)to Finding Proper mathematical models of that part of brain for example i suggest:

  • Different decision tree algorithms Decision tree learning (like ID3) for frontal part of brain because of logical function of its, by assuming that the brain parts function and Algorithm selected correctly could be possible to improve its limitation by use some more professional algorithms like C4.5 algorithm for covering the detected limitation.

So i am searching for some similar research on modeling the schizophrenia by machine learning models, and i found General article, in this field:

Combining psychological models with machine learning to better predict people’s decisions

So, because of not finding proper paper, I am in doubt that is possible to use machine learning modes to modeling some schizophrenia brain dysfunctions?

If not:

Since i am trying to understand better the schizophrenia, based of your knowledge how much these steps are practical to solve mathematical schizophrenia modeling:

I guess these steps would be useful to solve that problem:

  1. finding Wrong functions in the anterior part of the brain for schizophrenia based of FMRI and ... ?! ( hard parts of it)
  2. finding More Suitable problem in machine learning that brain part ( which is not so hard because of known algorithm characterized parameters )
  3. Creating New CBT method based of detected machine learning Algorithm.
  4. Modeling the Ordinary CBT method to proper mathematical algorithm.
  5. Comparing these two CBT method by computer models and if possible tests with humans as treatment.

If yes, could you suggest proper Tags for this filed of research and if possible finds some this kind paper or review paper about:

modeling some schizophrenia brain dysfunctions by machine learning models.



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