There are two kinds of pride: hubris pride and authentic pride¹. "Authentic pride is tied to adaptive achievement and goal engagement, whereas hubristic pride is tied to extrinsic values of public recognition and social dominance"². I wonder how and when authentic pride becomes hubris pride?

I think the two are interrelated because both kinds of pride have the same gesture, and seems to create the same social impact in short term. I don't think there is a gray area between them, but I think they can "swap" to each other relatively fast, and can happen back and forth.

The images below show some gestures of pride:

enter image description here enter image description here

(Since both types of pride display the same gesture, so I guess there is no way to point to an image and say "this is hubris pride" and to another "that is authentic pride". The way to differentiate them, I think, largely relies on the context, not on body gesture.)

¹ David DeSteno, Pride can be a virtue, but it needs to be the right kind of pride, TED Ideas
² Carver and Johnson, Authentic and Hubristic Pride: Differential Relations to Aspects of Goal Regulation, Affect, and Self-Control, Journal of Research in Personality



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