Me and Person X differ in many ways, i'm not sure which mindset I should follow. Which is considered right or is a winning mindset?

  1. When going for a run, X sets a goal of 10km, once X completes 10km, he then pushes himself and runs a couple more. At the end, X has a sense of accomplishment for finishing 10km and running a few more than the target. X continues keeping such goals and increasing the no. of km to run while having daily satisfaction.
  2. When going for a run, I set a tough goal of 50km. Every day I run as much as I can and push myself a bit more the next day i.e on the first day I do 10km, on the next day I do 10.5km, and so on. The increment is not planned nor is the quantity strictly increasing. Everyday is a challenge since I'm trying to reach a tough goal which my current body can't achieve. But after many days, I finally reach the goal and my satisfaction is at its peak as i've reached a challenging goal after days of struggle.

Both of these seem to be correct, but which is better/healthier? Can these two even be categorized?


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