The illness is accompanied by memory gaps beyond what would be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. ... DID symptoms include "the presence of two or more distinct personality states" accompanied by the inability to recall personal information, beyond what is expected through normal forgetfulness. Other DSM-5 symptoms include a loss of identity as related to individual distinct personality states, and loss referring to time, sense of self and consciousness.

I'm not sure if I understood what is 'dissociative identity disorder', and above is what I found on wiki. Some cases says they just completely lost the consciousness for serveral days and wake up at random places, i.e. the so called memory gaps, however during this time some other identities in their body, is there, and doing something they don't know. But is this the actual symptoms for DID, could someone just lost consciousness forever after having DID, and instead someother identity taking over? (I personally find this hard to believe.)


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