Michael Stevens/VSauce summarized one aspect he realized after a 3 days isolation experiment as follows:

.. being able to talk to people and share my experiences - I realized how important that was.
If you only have your own experiences, you are not fully having them. You have to have someone else to listen to them and react to them, and then you've fully experienced them.

Ref: https://youtu.be/iqKdEhx-dD4?t=31m55s

Is there a name for this idea?

I guess this idea and related concepts have been postulated in social psychology or social philosophy before.

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  • $\begingroup$ Clearly isolation does bad things to people. Baek S. B. (2014). Psychopathology of social isolation. Journal of exercise rehabilitation, 10(3), 143–147. doi.org/10.12965/jer.140132 $\endgroup$ – Tony Mobbs Jun 7 '20 at 5:54

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