I am trying to measure whether Ps range awareness (IV; being aware about the actual range of an electric car and connected charging infrastructure and knowing that people commonly underestimate these) predicts purchase intentions (DV) and whether this relationship is mediated by range anxiety (the fear of not reaching the destination with an electric car due to decreasing battery).

My hypothesis is that larger range awareness predicts more positive purchase intentions as well as less range anxiety. Low range awareness predicts more range anxiety.

I intended to make the IV categorical namely, either unaware (in the control condition and as not received further information on electric cars but about a similar topic) or aware (in the experimental condition where they receive an informative text about the range and the charging infrastructure). After that, Ps would be asked about their range anxiety and then their purchase intentions (both continuous variables). However, I believe that for later interpretation a continuous variable would be better. Additionally, all the other covariates/predictors are also continuous.

Are there any known scales that measure awareness? Or do you know any similar experiments which I could draw inspiration from?


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