So, I would like to know what facet regulates these behaviours / cahracteristics of a person:

  • How loud and fast-talking they are (on average).
  • Their excitement level (on average).

Excitement seeking (1) (2) (3) (4) is defined as facet that tells how much a person seeks excitement, but does it tells how much a person is excited on average? And if not then what facet tells that?


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It sounds like an aspect of extraversion. I.e., loud and fast talking sounds like gregariousness and assertiveness. In general, extraverts are also more active and expressive.

For example, the NEO-PI-R has facets of extraversion as follows: (E1) Warmth (E2) Gregariousness (E3) Assertiveness (E4) Activity (E5) Excitement-Seeking (E6) Positive Emotions

Fast talking might also be linked to intelligence.


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