What would the surgical implications of a fallacy in infering histology and morphology of a brainstem tumour be? I am interested mainly in the sequelae in the sensory, motor and cognitive functions.

For example 7 years ago when I was 16 years old my neurosurgeon believed the images were characteristic of a craniopharyngioma but the anatomopathological exam resulted in a pilomyxoid astrocytoma.

My PMA was and stil is centered/focused on the Right Cerebelopontine Angle. It was the size of a baseball( somewhat bigger) and there has been a reduction of more than 70% after a double appoach surgery( 16 hours were completed but full resection was impossible due to blood loss and already having the blood replenished it thrice) and 49.6 GYs IMRT in 27 sessions over 43 days.

How important is the correct inference of histology and morphology from images before a surgery and why?

I can't find any references on the importance of the correct inference.


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