I was watching Shutter Island when I first heard this expression "Defense Mechanism" Now I'm wondering how those could be used to deal more effectively and healthily with toxic/negative people.

For instance, a toxic coworker who is openly provocative and purposefully to trigger a negative reaction from her victims in order to escalate the negativity cycle. (hopefully that sentence makes sense)

I was thinking, this could be dealt with in 3 steps : Step 1 : analyse how the victim reacted on the attack to determine her defense mechanism choice Step 2 : assume the attack may come another time but this time be prepared for a proper response Step 3 (optionally) : analyse the attacker defense mechanism to improve step 2 with a more efficient reaction

I was hoping there would be a book on this. But anyway, what do you guys think of this ?

  • $\begingroup$ Welcome to psych.SE. As asked, this question is soliciting a discussion, which is frowned upon on this forum. Please edit the post to ask a question that could ideally be answered by a single, authoritative, evidence-based answer. $\endgroup$ – Arnon Weinberg Mar 30 at 8:10
  • $\begingroup$ @ArnonWeinberg lol omg please at least lead me to a topic I should consider. Don't leave me hanging boss lol $\endgroup$ – tommy Mar 30 at 20:05
  • $\begingroup$ You said you heard the expression "defense mechanism", but, with respect (I may be wrong) but from your question it seems you don't seem to have a grasp on what "the expression" means. There is a lot of information online about defense mechanisms. What have you read about them? What defense mechanism(s) are you wanting to examine? What do you not quite understand? $\endgroup$ – Chris Rogers Mar 30 at 22:09
  • $\begingroup$ @ChrisRogers I read a few about it. I recognize some of them in myself. ; ex : displacement and denial. But, I was wondering how it'd be possible not only to recognize them but also to control/dominate them and channel them into a proper response. For instance, a coworker says something bad. I recognized it triggered one of my defense mechanism. I accept it and turn it around to make the coworker understand it was not the appropriate way to talk to me (don't wanna hurt her but just wanna make her comme to her sense and realize she was foolish) $\endgroup$ – tommy Mar 31 at 21:23

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