I'm trying to see if there is a term for someone that assumes because they have some level of expertise in a given field, they refused to listen to others (who do not have similar pedigrees) who have input on the assumption their lack of experience makes the input irrelevant.

Is see there is a term 'curse of knowledge' where one assumes others have the 'same' knowledge (which would be one form of opposite of this) and another Zen term 'Shoshin' that means open minded and willing to accept input from any/many/all sources.

But I'm referring to someone who has been biased by their own field and the perceived image of their own expertise in that field and thus will not listen to anyone 'outside' their expertise regardless of the quality or nature of the input.

In a manner of speaking, it would also be antithetical to Dunn & Kruger effect.

Thanks in advance.



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