I'm a cognitive neuroscience student designing a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) experiment based on the Flashed Face Distortion Effect (https://vimeo.com/27138942). The goal of the experiment is to compare neural activation while the participant looks at "distorted" versus "undistorted" faces. For the "undistorted" control condition, I need to alter the above video so that the faces are blurred, or otherwise have a bare minimum amount of detail to be recognizable as faces (sort of like this: https://brocku.ca/psychology/research/infantchild/Blurry-face.jpg). In other words, I need to alter the face images so that they don't produce the distortion effect, but are still recognizable as faces. Importantly, the luminance of the images must be the same as the faces in the test condition. What software and method would achieve this?


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