I learned about the term reactance after some research, what wasn't as obsessive in the description as I had observed with some people in the past. Still made a very good point in describing the behavior and its triggers I was looking for.

Just coincidentally I learned a few days later about pathological demand avoidance. And while I understand it that way, that the former is more like a behavior everyone is driven by, to different strong extends. And the latter having additional symptoms beside this leading to more obsessive behavior and generally an more present impact than what I understand reactance to be like. But focusing on the core, I wonder what they are different in, if anything. As both boil down to feeling resistant to choose options you feel being obligated to choose.

So is PDA actually just a strong form of reactance reinforced by possibly other (autistic) traits? Or do they have a distinct difference in their core definition of affecting someone?


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