More appropriately I am Looking for a word that describes fetishizing(placing too much importance in) something that you are involved with to a point of finding beauty in it i.e. the illusion of beauty in what you do to a point of assuming that the people who don't see it don't appreciate beauty at all.

I found this term called "Focusing Illusion", but "Focusing illusion" signifies over-emphasis or placing too much importance on one aspect of an event to an extent where you mistake or incorrectly/partially assume factors contributing to causality. So that doesn't fit my need.

Example 1: An English literature admirer who has read and reviewed everything by let's say Shakespeare to a point of finding beauty in it and thinks anyone who does not find beauty in Shakespeare does not appreciate beauty at all or has a false idea of beauty.

Example 2: A mathematician let us say an algebraic geometry expert finds beauty in the mathematics of Grothendieck construction and keeps raving about it to others but when they fail to find it, s/he generalizes that person to be incapable of appreciating beauty at all.

Any help is appreciated.



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