I have seen some of Don Hoffman's lectures and talks and I have understood his idea in regards to how different species interpret the physical object by consciousness, as follows (no need to read if you just want to answer the question directly from your understanding and let me to crosscheck the data):

  • The physical object in this cosmos → everything there is in the cosmos we live in, however it is interpreted by an organism, is what it is.

    • Organisms of a given species can only acquire knowledge based on what they have already received and processed (experienced) as interpretation → by their species-specific nervous systems (or similar systems) → from that physical object;
      For one species, a human might be interpreted as an ape and for another an ape as a human; the small the big, the big the small, etc.
      This helps to explain unintuitive physics concepts such as "worm holes".

      • A species-specific interpretation is at least in humans done by;
        1) Sensation
        2) Perception (figure organization)
        3) Identification; "human" (if possible and desirable)
        4) Recognition; "John Smith" or "American" (if possible and desirable)

        • Space, time and energy, as well as, human, ape, language, gender sensation (if described lingually as a "gender identity"), first names, last names, nicknames, tools, devices, machines, computers, operating systems and any other (defined) "entity" are all, at least in some sense, evolutionary-derived, species-specific interpretations of the physical object made by conscious agents in a cosmos in which consciousness is more fundamental than space, time and energy (as interpretations).

          • We work with these interfaces first and foremost to survive, but if circumstances allow it, to be more accurate as well (which increases a change of a species to survive);
            We further interface (simplify) the interfaces (simplifications) to do both better.

            • We humans, and likely any other possible life forms formed in this cosmos, could never know what is the physical object in perfect accuracy, no matter how long we survive and how accurate we interface.

              • Evolution does not favor those who see reality more accurately but those who survive although more accuracy is more surviving.

My question

How do species interpret the physical object according to Donald D. Hoffman?

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    $\begingroup$ We could just say yes or no as an answer, but in order to answer more fully, this is a huge subject which can fill a book. Can you please try and separate the different aspects of your question into separate questions and provide some detail as to why you feel you may be wrong about your interpretation? $\endgroup$ – Chris Rogers Jan 15 at 10:43
  • $\begingroup$ @ChrisRogers hello - I am not sure I can do that, not now at least, sadly. $\endgroup$ – user24978 Jan 15 at 10:49

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