Is there a relation between the nature of a leisure activity and the time required to feel satiated?

When you're doing some leisure activity, there is a point you feel you have had enough of it for now and you want to do something else. I'm specially interested when this 'something else' is to do some task/work.

With 'nature' I mean anything - if its mentally or physically active or not (and if it is, how intensely active it is), how physically or mentally tiring it is, how much you enjoy that specific activity, if it is a solitary activity or not, how much repetitiveness or novelty it involves, how often you are able to perform that activity, if you're addicted to it or not, if it involves creativity or not etc.

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  • $\begingroup$ I think enjoyment levels would be a key element to how long a leisure activity is carried out by an individual. If you don't enjoy what you are doing, you would not want to continue too long. What have you read on the subject of motivation in leisure activities? $\endgroup$ – Chris Rogers Dec 16 '19 at 10:42

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