Why do some people develop envy or resentment toward others, and other people with the same experiences do not? Is there a way to learn to let the envy and/or resentment go. Example would be someone with envy/ resentment toward people that had a easier start in life, that were not abused or neglected as a child. It is not that they wish the other people were abused or neglected as children, but the knowledge of what was lost is so apparent to them when they are around people that did not have the same kind of childhood, it is difficult not to feel envy and resentment. I would like to know what combinations of factors contribute to the development of long-term envy and resentment, such as, behavioral, emotional, mental, physical, psychological factors. Do these factors contribute individually or in combinations with each other. I would also like to know what steps could be taken to alleviate the envy and resentment as an adult. I have tried to research this on the internet, looking for academic articles or papers, but found hardly any that clearly applied, also reading as much information as I could about the topic. The information was not very informative, it mostly was along the lines of self help, that was too simplistic and did not really address the issues in a informative way.


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